Employee Welfare

  • Insurances

    National Pension, Employment Insurance, Occupational Disaster Insurance, Health Insurance
  • Public Holidays &Leave of Absence

    5-day workweek, annual leave, regular holidays, leave of absence for occasions for congratulations or condolences, holiday marking the company foundation, Labor Day off, maternity leave, child rearing leave, maternity leave for men
  • Compensation

    Withdrawal from the company, allowances for occasions for congratulations or condolences, vehicle upkeep, compensation for annual & monthly leave of absence, compensation for work on holidays, gifts for national traditional holidays
  • Housing & Meals

    Dormitory available, lunch & supper provided, parking, resting lounge, meeting room (with presentation facilities)
  • Other Programs

    Labor-management council, health check, casual workwear, uniforms provided, employee ID, year-end ceremony